Community Engagement

Improving the Quality of Life in our Community | We at the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra, as an integral part of our mission, provide innovative education and outreach programs that touch the lives of many in our community. We also partner with local business and other non-profits to help fulfill the RSO mission.

RSO musicians perform with SPHERE members at SPHEREtacular


SPHERE Performing Arts Group performs in concert with the RSO



A Perfect Partnership

The RSO is absolutely dedicated to providing world-class music to everyone in our community. That’s why our partnership with Ridgefield’s SPHERE (Special People Housing, Education, Recreation) is so important to us.

We believe that everyone can benefit from an encounter with great music and, in the case of our special friends at SPHERE with developmental disabilities, these benefits can be especially profound. Music has the ability to inspire and to heal. Through our partnership with SPHERE, we are working to enrich and ultimately transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable in our community.

A three-pronged program of instruction, concert attendance and performance, our partnership seeks to not only expose this underserved segment of our population to live orchestral performance – a chance that many would not otherwise have – but to afford the opportunity for in-depth instruction by our professional musicians. And the ultimate objective – performance in concert with RSO musicians – is an irreplaceable opportunity for both personal accomplishment as well as intellectual and emotional growth.

This innovative partnership is the only one of its kind by an orchestra nationwide, and we are proud, and extremely happy, to be able to offer this unique program to our community.

Members of the SPHERE Performing Arts Group participated, in collaboration with the musicians of the RSO, in performing the world premier of Chris Brubeck’s “Sphere of Influence” at our 2016-17 season opening concert on October 1, 2016.

RSO Goes to School

A Learning Experience

Musicians from the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra visit local area schools and present a lively interactive program for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students tailored to their grade level of music education. Familiar pieces with the common theme of “music that tells a story” elicit an enthusiastic response from students. Programs are often timed to coincide with when students will select instruments for the following school year. The outreach programs are made possible by collaboration between the RSO and the school’s PTA and Music Education staff.  In addition, the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra makes it possible for school groups and their families to visit dress rehearsals to learn about what goes on behind the scenes and enhance their experience as audience members. Educational outreach is part of the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra’s mission to increase the appreciation for music through community involvement for people of all ages and abilities.

See RSO musicians (and music teachers) Nina Crothers, Corinne Metter, Gunnar Sahlin and Sue Corey-Sahlin on their recent visit to Barlow Mountain Elementary School!